About Me

Nothing much to say about myself actually… Should I go into the Good and the Bad of me? Or talk about the stuff in like that I like? Perhaps a bit of both? I guess I’ll just say a little bit of what I know about myself that won’t turn around and bite me in the ass one day.. But it’s nice to have someone know a little bit about yourself right…


In a nutshell:

I’m just an ordinary person (ain’t most people?) who likes to check out new travel and food experiences or basically anything that’s current, exciting but are not too exotic (like eating bat meat that sort of thing) or high speed/heights (sky diving and roller coasters are no-nos). However, I am not a very adventurous person cos sometimes I can be a little passive if I’m just not interested, but I know I don’t like to sit at home unless I’m feeling lazy, tired or hooked on some drama series…

Speaking of drama series, I luv US dramas… Big fan of CSI, Dexter, Fringe, Medium, The Mentalist, Bones, 30 Rock, Friends, Ugly Betty, True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Sex and the City and a couple more that I may missed or yet to discover… Anyway, that’s quite a bit huh… I’m especially drawn towards anything that’s gripping and gotta to do with forensic science, the supernatural, smart witty dialogues…

I can be a bag of emotions, but not to the point of neuroticism… I get easily amused, so I would laugh easily if the joke or whatever is funny..But I get annoyed easily too by prissy behaviours, bratty attitudes, general rudeness and people who thinks they are smart arses.

I’m opinionated to some extent but not extreme (or dumb) to be too vocal about it without checking the context of the situation. I have my views and I respect other people’s views but I hate it when people try to impose their views onto others or get very defensive when their views are not agreed/being challenged… It’s really no biggie, you know..

Luv to reminiscise about the good OLD days and indulge a bit o’ nostalgia by taking a trip down memory lane… Seeing memorabilia from ions ago always makes my day!

Most of my friends would know by now that I’m a “Dachsaholic“…..Gosh, I luv these sausage dogs (Dachshunds) to bits. My grandma used to have 2 dachsies so I know I wanna have one when I’m older. Well, I did in 1999, the year Zac was born. Zacky Boy is 11 now but still behaving like a pup and is easily excitable.. Don’t think I’d ever want to keep another dog after Zac. Don’t know if I can go through all those emotions when it crosses over the rainbow bridge.

Guess that’s all I wanna say about myself for now…….  If I go on any further, that’ll be way too much info! 🙂

8 thoughts on “About Me

    • Hey there ‘book junkie’ (interesting name), glad you like my blog.. Noticed you’d particularly like my rantings on work and annoying people 🙂 heh, i do rant a lot but sometimes on impulse.. Am trying to cut down cos its not good for the mind and the soul.. But its hard.. Hee..

  1. I like the way you write; just the kind of things that I would think about if I do write about stuff. Interesting and concise (Y) Makes me wanna start a WordPress blog~

    • Thanks Mandy! That’s the fun about writing in blogs. Its an avenue to pen down my thoughts or whatever that comes to mind. 🙂

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