Happy 2016!

Happy New Year everyone!

Haven’t been posting much on my blog. School has kept me pretty busy. Term 2 had just ended and the new term will start in a week’s time. Am truly appreciating the term break now cos I don’t think we will get the same duration of break time for the rest of the terms.

2015 is an eventful year for me. It’s also one of the turning points in my life when I have decided to take a break from working and go back to school. Essentially, I had stepped out of my comfort zone.

It is something which I planned to do but had procrastinated for a while. Amidst the concern of time and money, there were also several doubts and insecurities (the “what ifs”).

Casting all these negativity aside, it’s time to just take that leap forward. I know if I don’t do it, I will often think about it and this will become a nagging thought forever.

School has been great. Sure, it is tough especially during the exam period but if it is not challenging, then where’s the fun right? Ha… kidding… sometimes challenges make you work harder and learn. That’s the point in studying right?

I get to know more people, in the form of my course mates. All of them are younger than me. Well, that’s what happen when you pursue your Masters at this age. Haha..

There’s another 6 months to go before the course ends. Hopefully, I will be able to try new roles, be it in my current organisation or others.

In this new year, I hope to banish much negative thoughts from my mind and heart. It’s really easier said than done. Every year, we always wish for much success, happiness, good health and so on… But things do not happen miraculously just by “wishing” alone. It’s still all about hard work and effort. Ok, maybe toss in a bit of luck as well.

For me, one negative thought would be to stop harbouring people who I can’t stand in my thoughts. There are people who I really dislike for many reasons which I don’t wish to talk about. Sometimes, I think about them. Why are they like that? Why do they behave this way?

It’s time I stop thinking about them and other terrible thoughts. Whenever my friends rant about irritating people they had encountered, I will always say, forget about them, they are not worth it. When the same happen to me, I should just listen to myself right? :p But it is always easier to advise from a third-party perspective than when you are involved.

So… less hate and negativity, and more positivity and happy thoughts in the new year…

Also, much of these “happy thoughts” and less of any negativity stem from being able to ignore so-call “white noises”. That is, unconstructive comments from busybodies, malicious words and gossips and most of all, opinions that others try to impose on you to make you feel bad about yourself or doubt your abilities in any way.

Oh yes, there are such shit stirrers around who have nothing better to do with their time but meddle in other people’ business or people who enjoy putting others down just to achieve that gratified feeling cos likely they are unhappy souls themselves.

In the new year, I must try to be more tolerant and patient. Hmm, this is nothing new. Believe I had said this many times. Yikes. Frankly, I think my temper had mellowed much. Occasionally, my fuse will be lighted up but thankfully (hee), did not lead to a major blow-up. 20 years ago, I would have totally lose it. Urgh…

Oh… one more thing… 2016 is the year which I bid farewell to my 30s and embrace (or try to) the 40s. And I used to think anything beyond 40 is “old”. Well, forgive my impetuous thought. I was really young then.

Again, rather than being resigned to the negative thought that the older we get, the more irrelevant we will be, one of the ways is to reverse that view is to be, what else, relevant. Be open and learn new things. Be adaptable and sometimes, flexible. Move forward rather than be stuck in the same rut and then complain endlessly which is not gonna help improve or address the situation.

Someone once told me that everyone has a choice to do whatever they want. It’s whether they are brave enough to make that choice happen. Hence, be courageous to take that leap forward even though it may come with risks and uncertainties. But we won’t know what lies beyond until we try. And if things do not happen the way we expect or if we did not achieve our intended aims or if we *gasp* fail, we should summon the same courage and try again. Like a fractured bone, the new bone, once healed, will become stronger. Hence, I do wish to have that courage and tenacity to plough on when the going gets tough, be it studies or later on, work.

I don’t consider the above as new year resolutions cos they shouldn’t be something that we only think about at the start of a new year right?

Anyway, on a lighter note…..

After the past few weeks of feasting, it’s time to go on a clean and light diet before the lunar new year in about a month’s time… MUST cut down (but doesn’t mean cut out…hehe) on fatty and oily food.

Once again, happy new year all… May the new year be a blessed one for all..


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