Zac’s Tumour

Around 2 weeks ago, Zac had undergone a surgery to remove a tumour on his belly. Right after the surgery, the tumour was sent to AVA for testing and the results would be out in about 2 weeks time.

Yesterday, I had received a call from the vet… The test results are ready.

Here it goes…

She was detailed in her explanation on the type of tumour. There is even a medical name for it which I didn’t really bother trying to note it down cos it really doesn’t matter. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really make much sense from that whole chunk of explanation except that the tumour was formed from a sweat gland or something like that… Frankly, I was getting a little impatient and wanted to tell the vet to just come straight to the point. But I’d decided not to be mean so I let her rattle on…

After all that yadda yadda, the only thing I had heard loud and clear was, “Blah blah blah… so yes… it is cancerous…”

DAMN…… That is not good news at all…

So I ask her, what should we do next?

She replied that while the tumour had been removed in its entirety but it does not guarantee that the tumour (s) would not recur again. Also, there might possibly be cancer cells remaining near the spot where the tumour had been and potentially spread to the other internal organs.

Apparently, the lungs would be one of the first areas for cancer cells to spread, hence she had suggested an X-Ray be done to check on Zac’s lungs. Ok, that can be done…

But what are the other measures to ensure that any cancer cells left in Zac’s body are removed? The vet had proposed 2 options which I don’t think they would be feasible. Even the vet had expressed some concern on these options…

1)  Chemotherapy: I am not keen on this option. Dear Zac is 13 plus years old. That’s like, 91 years old in dog years. He might not be able to withstand the side effects of a chemotherapy.

2) Surgically remove more area around the source of the tumour: It’s basically suggesting that Zac would need to go through another surgery to remove more, I don’t know, surface area or flesh or something, around the source of the tumour.

BUT… Yes, there is always a BUT… the vet had cautioned that the tumour was located very near Zac’s penis so removing any excess area around it would result in potential complication to his urinary organs.. Eh, think she forgot to add that Zac might live the rest of his life as a eunuch.

That’s it… No more options… What is left, would be a “wait and see” approach and further monitoring…

Yes, I am sad to hear such news. I was really hoping the tumour would be benign. While Zac looks to be in the pink of health at the moment but the usual old-age or health-related ailments (which in this case, cancer seemed very probable) would eventually caught on to him. Other than the monitoring, I guess we can only pamper him loads and make sure he remains a happy doggy…


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