Mitsuba (The Central @ Clarke Quay) for Oishī Chirashi Don!

Note: With effect from 1 May, it seems that Mitsuba will turned into a buffet-style restaurant, so no more Chirashi don! 😦


Upon the strong recommendation of the hubby, I had decided to try the “Chirashi Don” at Chikuwa Tei early this year. The hubby was so mad crazy over this dish of assorted sashimi over sushi rice that he refused to share it with me and insisted I order a bowl for myself. But I had managed to sneak a few bites… After a few mouthful of fresh sashimi complemented by the sweet and “chewy” rice, I fully understand why he wanted to have this all by himself. I would have done the same!

Guess much gotta do with their executive chef Peter, who had left Chikuwa Tei shortly after our visit. Seems like this chef has a reputation for his attitude. Doesn’t matter to me as long as the food is good.  I’d only remembered his wild Ronald McDonald hair..LOL..

Someone had read my entry on Chikuwa Tei and posted the link to Chef Peter’s Facebook page as a comment. She said the standard at Chikuwa Tei had dropped since he left and nobody knows where he went………

Source: Chef Peter’s Facebook

……. Until a few days ago when Gary met his friend for dinner at “Mitsuba” at The Central (Clarke Quay) whom Chef Peter is now the executive chef at this newly opened restaurant. Without any hesitation, I had suggested to a friend, whom I’m meeting on Friday (which is yesterday) that we should have dinner there. Suddenly, I have a craving for the “Chirashi Don”!

I had thought the restaurant would be crowded so I had made a reservation for 8pm. Similarly to Chikuwa Tei, the dinner reservation is split into 2 shifts and do not hold tables. Chef Peter had answered my call and “took down” my reservation. I had used inverted commas cos while he had acknowledged my reservation through the call but he didn’t jot it down the reservation log. Luckily, my friend had called in to add in one more pax and was informed that there was no reservation made under my name at all!

When we reached “Mitsuba”, I realised that the reservation is actually redundant cos the restaurant was pretty empty. Maybe the chef didn’t forget to note down my reservation. He probably think it is unnecessary… LOL…

My friend had reached earlier and she was concerned on how empty the place look. I’d reassured her that the food is good. The restaurant had just opened early this month, I think, hence the seemingly lack of a crowd. I believe the crowd will start to build up within the next few months. And by then, please make sure whoever who had answered your call for a reservation had better note that down in the reservation log.

I didn’t really browse through the menu.. Instead, I went straight to this page… and without a doubt, we had ordered the “Haru Chirashi Sushi” ($28)

The presentation is a little different that what we had eaten before. The sashimi are served separately from the rice. Regardless, each piece looked and taste so fresh and succulent! Gary claimed that the sashimi wasn’t as sliced as thickly as before… I think it’s still ok leh…

The rice was excellent! For this, I had actually wiped everything clean. God knows how much carbo I had eaten from that amount of rice but who cares… It’s good. My friend had also agreed with me and we know where to go for when we crave for a solid bowl of sashimi and rice. Oishī!!


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