Happy Call Pan Grilled Chicken

In my previous entry, I had mentioned that I’d bought the large Happy Call Grill Pan with the brown-coloured exterior. The first dish I had tried with this pan is a grilled whole chicken. Since it’s only Gary and myself, we had bought a frozen chicken which is smaller in size than the fresh ones. Besides, there is a current offer of “buy 1 get 1 free” frozen chicken (brand is “Sadia”) from NTUC.

A few hours before grilling, I had marinated the chicken with a generous blend of honey, lemon pepper seasoning, mixed herbs and black pepper.

I had also made a couple of slits in certain parts of the chicken, especially the thicker and fatty parts such as the thighs, so as to ensure that the meat would be evenly and throughly cooked.

As this is the first time I had grilled a chicken without an oven, I can’t help but open up the pan every 2 mins. On hindsight, I should have lower the fire once the pan had heated up. This may prevent a faster charring of the skin. I could have also flipped the pan more often rather than opening the pan. Basking the chicken with left-over marinade had also helped lock in the moisture of the chicken while it cooks, resulting in a more tender and succulent meat.

Overall, it took about 25 mins. The chicken turned out okay though I wished the skin would be crispier. There are pros and cons in grilling a chicken via a happy call pan versus the oven. The cooking time via the pan is definitely lower and the meat is actually more tender and more juicy though an oven-roasted chicken would result a crispier skin and less of a mess (i.e. no washing up other than the baking tray).

Next time, I would try smaller pieces of chicken like the thighs, wings or even a chicken chop..


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