Mango Sago Dessert at 許留山 (Hong Kong)

It’s been 3 years since I’d last visited Hong Kong. Most of these visits are work trips. Since 2006 when I had taken on a regional job role, I had been on business trips to HK for around 6 times. Think I had posted a couple of entries before. My current trip would be the 7th time.

Other than that one time which I had fallen sick (Imagine non-stop runny nose and terrible sore throat during meetings, and it was during the H1N1 period somemore!), I’d always managed to have a reasonably good time in HK. While HK is, without a doubt, a shopping haven but I had never really went berserk on the shopping. I did pick up a couple of stuff at the Ladies Market, like PJs and fake Juicy Couture bags which surprising looked pretty good for that price but I had dumped them all after I had got quite sick of them.

But most of my moolah were spent on…………… FOOD!!!

Gosh! The dim sum, roast meat (roast goose!!), wanton mee!! I love them all! *Faint from over drooling*

But what I never fail to get each time I’m there, and thank goodness, there are a gazillion branches in HK, is the mango dessert from 許留山!! There are other dessert varieties but I’d only go for the mango-based desserts…

I had arrived in HK at 5 plus this afternoon. As all our meetings are within the airport vicinity, we had stayed at the airport hotel. It’s connected within the airport so it’s very convenient. Anyway, it’s also easy to travel downtown, via the airport express…

We had checked in and proceed to dinner at “City Gate” (there’s a free shuttle bus) which is like an outlet mall. My colleague said the Esprit is a lot cheaper in this mall. Unfortunately, most of the shops unlike in the Tsim Sha Tsui area, close at 9pm so we didn’t really have much time after dinner to shop around. Had managed to check out a couple of shops though. But I didn’t find anything that caught my fancy. Anyway, I don’t like to shop within a limited time duration unless I know what I want. If given more time, I might have bought something. Heh, it’s ok… I am not desperately in need of anything at the moment…

Luckily, I had some like-minded travel “companions” who like me, need to have our mango dessert fix when in HK… Like bees to honey, we headed straight to the 許留山branch at the airport.

This is GOOD!!

I am satisfied!! Hehehe…

We luv mango desserts!!

Today is just Day 1 at HK. I’ll have another night here before we proceed to Incheon. The schedule is very packed. I’d really wanted to meet my ex-colleagues from the HK branch but there’s really no spare time in between. Hmm, hopefully another time…

Didn’t think of extending at Incheon nor any parts of South Korea… Nobody in the trip delegation is extending and I don’t wanna travel alone… Not at a place which I have not been since more than 10 years ago… And it’s also because I wanna reserve more “budget” for our own personal vacations (yup, had planned for 2) in the next few months… Excited… 🙂


2 thoughts on “Mango Sago Dessert at 許留山 (Hong Kong)

    • hey Y-Lyn, tks for asking. Not sure yet cos our flight is tomorrow late afternoon. That depends on the weather condition for tomorrow. There are already some flights cancelled this evening. Hopefully the weather would be better tomorrow… *cross fingers*

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