Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary to Us!

Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary to Us!!

We had celebrated our 6th anniversary in advance cos Gary would be overseas on the actual day. It was a perfect day today, if not for our cleaning lady who put a damp on our mood by not turning up and being uncontactable. Even her agent couldn’t reach her. She’s really good but extremely lousy in giving advance notification if she’s not coming or responding back to our calls/smses. Wonder what happen to her…

Anyway, she shall not ruin the day… Assuming nothing happened to her (hopefully), it’s a matter of time before she respond back to her agent or our calls… Frankly, I would hate to terminate her, unless I have absolutely no choice, cos she really does a wonderful cleaning and ironing job that we are willing to overlook her bad habits as mentioned above.

For our earlier anniversaries, we had celebrated overseas like Phuket, Thailand (2007) and Colmar, Malaysia (2008). Since 2009 onwards, we’d decided to stay put here and find some ways to make merry out of this event. To me, wedding anniversaries are definitely more special and meaningful than Valentine’s Day or even our birthdays so we would make it a point to celebrate our anniversaries.

For this year, we had decided to fire away in an indoor air rifle shooting range at SAFRA Yishun. This event was one of those many events organised by the Changi Airport Recreation Centre (CARC). CARC members only need to pay $26 for a 3-hour session which is half the price of a non-member fee.

I’d always wanted to fire one of these bad boys but never had a chance to do so, not even when I am overseas. Shucks, I could have done that at one of those game stalls in the night markets at Taipei when we were these last December. Because of my trigger-happy interest, Gary said I am violent. Bloody hell…

Anyway, I was told it’s only limited to 20 people this time round and already 18 people had signed up Guess what he had responded? “I had fired a real rifle in the army and an air rifle before so this is nothing to me, you know.” YOU!! 忘恩负义的家伙! Grrr…..

We started the day pretty early at SAFRA Yishun at 9am. By the way, that is early for me on a weekend. 🙂 Since I don’t have a habit of turning in early on Friday nights, I had slept at 3am and woke up at 7.30am, giving me only 4.5 hours of sleep. *Yawn*

The session began with a 5-min watching of a safety video followed by 5-rounds per person on the large target sheet, another 5-rounds on the small target sheet,  a competition when the top 3 scorers on the small target sheet get to win a movie ticket …

The top 3 scores were 47 and a draw between 2 who scored 46 so they got the movie tickets. Gary was only slightly behind at 44 while I did 43. Since this is my first firing attempt, I thought I did ok, especially since I am only 1 point behind the “expert” who claimed he had fired a real rifle before….. Hehehe…

We were given 3 rounds on the small target sheet while in a standing position….

Firing the air rifle in a standing position is not as easy as it seems and I’d find it more challenging than the sitting position. The air rifle is pretty heavy so my arms were trembling a little while trying to prop and balance the air rifle properly without dropping it. As you can see, I had to tuck my right arm really close to my body so as to make sure the rifle butt portion don’t slip off. And this makes my arm look like a damn potato wedge! Unflattering!!

Heh, at least I had managed to hit a near-bulls eye shot once…..

We were also given a fun shot at a tiny balloon tacked to the small target card. Though the balloons are in luminous green or pink colour and pretty bright up close. However, it’s pretty hard to see from where we were standing cos the balloon had appeared translucent cos of the light reflection. I’d heard a kid shout out to his dad that he can’t see his target/ balloon.

Think only 1 guy didn’t manage to burst his balloon….. He had held his intact balloon and in good humour, asked the organiser to take a picture of him and his balloon…

Apart from the usual target sheets, we were also given 5-rounds on our preferred choice of character. Gary chose Starscream which he seemed surprised when I had recognised it, and I went with the skinny mummy…

The session ended with a group photo and individual photos of anyone who wants to pose with any of the air guns and pretend she is a 女杀手… hehehe…

Lunch was at Tung Lok Signatures at Changi City Point. Gary had bought $50-worth of Tung Lok vouchers at half price from Groupon. Good timing to use them for our anniversary lunch.

The dim sum at Tung Lok are reasonably priced and didn’t disappoint in quality and taste, with exception of the “Xiao Long Baos” and “Pan fried custard bun”.

So far, the best custard buns were from “Victor’s Kitchen“. I can’t find an equivalent or better custard bun elsewhere. The Tung Lok version is more salted egg than custard in flavour, which didn’t appeal to me. Salted egg lovers may beg to differ.

The fish maw soup is good but would be better if the broth is thicker and packed a more robust flavour.

The roast pork is wonderful. I think the crispy skin is the best thing off roast pork but a too-thick skin isn’t always the best. Cos sometimes good things should be savoured in light bites rather than in abundance so as to appreciate its goodness. Hence, I would prefer a thin but sufficiently crispy skin (not soggy, no thanks) and lightly salted meat, which is what I like about this roast pork from Tung Lok.

Dinner will be a home-cooked fare. Partly cost Gary wanted to stay home and watch a Liverpool-Arsenal match. Since we are celebrating our wedding anniversary, let’s have something special. Something which I don’t normally or had never cooked at home before. Perhaps, something like Foie Gras and Kurobuta (black pork)?

Ok then, time to visit one of my new-found favourite shop: “Mmmm!” (Meats, Marinades & Much More), also at Changi City Point. I am so glad it is pretty near our home and accessible via MRT too. Awesome!

Indeed, the shop sells a good range of fresh and frozen meats not commonly found in the local supermarkets like wagyu beef, kurobuta, lamb, sausages, soup stock made from chicken or pork bones, foie gras as well as Japanese seafood and many more.

A week plus ago, we had bought a hefty 580g of foie gras at around $52. This time round, we bought 2 thick slabs of Kurobuta at $11 (after 10% discount). That would be the meat for our special dinner!

I have not come across raw Kurobuta meat before so I don’t know if the meat does have a very strong smell or is it just the meat that we had bought. I can’t exactly describe the smell but it reminds me of undigested corn or grain smell. Not that I had experienced that smell before but it’s the closest I can imagine. But the texture of the meat is pretty different from the normal pork. It is more tender and darker in colour. When cooked, the taste is also sweeter and the meat is definitely more succulent.

We absolutely love foie gras but it is not something which we can afford to eat often from a price and health perspective. Although $52 sounds really pricey, ok it is, but it is for a good sized 580g block. I am sure you’d know how much that would have cost in a restaurant. The cheapest we had come across is $7 for 30g at “Saveur“, a French-theme stall in a coffeeshop at Katong. A 60g piece of foie gras would have cost about a high $20-plus or higher at a restaurant.

The shop owner of “Mmmm!” had also told us that most restaurants are serving duck foie gras instead of goose, even though the menu may have indicated otherwise. Like that also can ah? Tsk tsk…

When pan frying foie gras, be warned that even a small piece would produce loads of oil during the frying process. In fact, you don’t even need to use any oil.

That’s how much oil emitted within the first few seconds……

And after 1 minute……. OMG… looks like I am deep frying the foie gras!

Taa-daa!! Our special wedding anniversary dinner……. Kurobuta pork, foie gras and fries sprinkled with truffle salt and mixed herb. Eh, think I might have over-fried the foie gras…

Of course, there has to be some greens — Mixed lettuce with sesame dressing — for a more balanced (and less guilty) meal. 🙂


Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary to Us with many more years to come! *BURP*


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