Pan Fry Fish with Happy Call Double Pan

By now, I am sure some of you might have heard of  the “Happy Call” double pan. This pan had been around for some time but it seemed only lately that people (including me) had considered this a “must-have” pan. There were several You Tube demo videos and positive blog reviews on this pan. I’d also known some friends and colleagues (and their relatives) who had bought this pan and gave good reviews about it. 

After some deliberation, I’d decided to get a Happy Call double pan too. The main reason is to cook fish. Of course, it helps that this pan is versatile enough to pan fry other types of meat and even vegetables. I love fish but the pan-frying can be a mess. Think oil splatter all over the stove and on me, and the fishy smell that seemed to linger the entire house, and not just the kitchen, throughout the day. I had only attempted to pan fry a whole fish once and that is enough for me. Once in a while, I would do an oven-baked fish or steam fish but that usually take some time. Pan frying would be a lot faster but definitely messier. 

Since the Happy Call double pan is sealed by a layer of rubber lining which also traps heat and ensures even heat distribution, I think pan frying fish would not be an issue.

2 weeks ago, I bought the Happy Call double pan online at “Gmarket” for $65.90 (includes shipping). Apparently, this is a discounted price as the original price is $100 plus. Who knows the price might dropped further in future?

I don’t know is it because the pan is shipped all the way from Korea or what but I had waited for 2 weeks for it. It had finally arrived yesterday! YAY!! The seller had even thrown in a couple of mosturiser samples. Hmm, is he also selling beauty products as well?

Without guessing, the first thing I’d tried is to pan fry fish. I’d bought a gorgeous Red Snapper yesterday and had seasoned it lightly with some salt and pepper. Simple. Next, I had placed the fish in the pan. Had to snip off a bit of its tail cos it’s slightly too long for the pan. Time to start frying this baby up!

This is how the pan looked like when the fish is frying (or is it grilling?) inside. Look, no oil splatter, no smoke and no oily fishy smell. By the way, I didn’t use any oil for the fish so it is definitely a very healthy version. On hindsight, I think a very thin layer of oil would help prevent the skin from sticking to the pan. Though it’s supposed to be non-stick but a bit of the skin did get stuck onto the pan.

I’d estimated it took about slightly above 5 but less than 10 minutes to cook the fish, with a couple of flips in between. Though it looks pretty solid, the pan isn’t that heavy. I told Gary, even he can fry a fish but he had adamantly refused to do any cooking regardless of how simple it is.

Even though I didn’t use any oil, the texture of the meat is not dry or tough at all. I must say, it taste about the same as when pan-fried in a normal pan or wok with oil! Given that fish has its own natural oil, it must have been cooked in its oil. Anyway, I am so glad that I’d bought this pan. Looking forward to many fish dishes in future! 🙂

I had tried to cook Ommu Rice (Fried Rice wrapped with Omelette) with the pan but I sucked at folding the egg around the rice. Had ended up with Tomato fried rice with egg instead… LOL… Will try again another time.

Lunch is GREAT today! I love my Happy Call double pan!


15 thoughts on “Pan Fry Fish with Happy Call Double Pan

  1. Hi Orionstar, love this article of yours 🙂 was wondering if you would allow us to use this article in our website. Please get in touch with me via my email address. Would love to hear from you soon, many thanks!

  2. yes love these double pans, i bought another eco green one too also from korea. love the versatility and i became a chef overnight. chanced upon one of a cheap deal online 🙂

  3. I like your blog. I’m embarking on a tour of foodie blogs, especially those with happy call recipes. I like your fish, maybe when I really get the pan, I’ll start with frying fish first, then vegs.

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