My Wish List…

The Labour Day long weekend had ended… Have you attended any election rallies? Someone had quipped the crowd is equivalent (if not, bigger) than a pop star’s concert. I was told that a lot of people are there for the freebies (like umbrellas), which if that’s truly the case, is just pathetic.

In these rallies, the PAP or opposition parties alike had given speeches (albeit in aggressive tones for some candidates) about addressing Singaporeans’ bread and butter needs (rising cost of living is a major point) among other things. To generalise the gist of these speeches, a key “vote-garnering” selling point is promising (well, the word “promise” was emphasised heavily) to fulfil your “wishes” and to ensure a better Singapore. Anyway,  I am prompted to create my own personal wish list which I hope would materialise as long as I’d lived.

1. Be my Own Boss:

This has always been my top wish but sadly, I haven’t put my heart to seriously pursue it. Maybe the time is not right? Or is this an excuse to defend my procrastination? One thing I know for sure, I need more money and a solid business plan. Yes, I have some ideas but they are floating idyllically in my head. Gotta crystallise these ideas.. Actually, my plan is work for a few more years building up my moolah reserve till I am comfy that it’s sufficient. It’ll never be sufficient but having just enough capital for only the start-up is insufficient for me to proceed. Some buffer is always prudent. And I haven’t reach that stage where I know for sure that I’m ready to go…

Some had advised me to follow my heart and just do it. I guess I should add “Guts” on my list of must-haves then. Each time I read about somebody’s cafe or restaurant success story, I would feel so inspired to do the same. Hopefully one day, I’ll be able to welcome all to my humble eatery…

2. “Chef” Hubby:

I am so gonna get IT from him for even thinking about this but to mention adding this in my wish list. Believe he would remind me (again) that he’d marry me cos I am able to cook and not the other way round. Never fail to use this line each time I tried to persuade him to cook.. So this is not exactly a wish but a very fat obese hope! It’s nice to have someone cook a lovely home-cooked meal for you once in a while. Perhaps on alternate weekends? I think it’s cool when couples cook together… One would wash and chop up the vegs while the other marinate the meat…

Ok, I’d admit, one of the reasons for this wish is not so much about him cooking for me but I could do with extra help (other than the washing up) in the kitchen…Hahaha! I BET the hubby would take 5 to throttle my neck right now. Argh!

3. Relax Lah!

This is a super bad habit. I cannot seem to loosen up on days which I had taken leave just to stay at home. I recalled my ex-boss advising me that the world doesn’t collapse even if I’d stopped working for a day or two. She is right. Life still goes on. BUT! I’d still can’t seem to shake the thought that when I am on leave, I should be taking a break. That means, chill out, relax, hang loose and totally avoiding logging into my work notebook and worrying about the amount of unread emails in my Outlook. YIKES! Calm down woman! Aventurine stone, where are you??

4. Stop asking me if I am tired/pissed-off:

Ok, this can’t be help unless I go for some major facial reconstruction and plastic surgery. Problem lies with my facial expression or to put it simply, my face. I don’t have what one may describe as a sweet and cheery face. On the contrary, I look broody and pallid most of the time. Blame it on my genes (erm.. duh) and poor blood circulation. Anyway, I have no issues with my looks in general though I can do with lesser wrinkles, some rosy cheeks… hehe… I don’t smile very often but that doesn’t mean I am pissed off… So I do wish people would stop asking if I am tired or angry.   

5. Eat like a Cow and not look like One:

AS IF… Now that’s a WISHFUL thinking! Haha…



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