B’day Gifts…

I’d a pretty uneventful birthday. Went to work as usual. But that’s OK cos as I’d said before, as the years passes by, a “birthday” is just another day for me..

Had received a very pleasant surprise on my desk after lunch which brought a big smile to my face… Some folks (heh, they are my youngest colleagues) had stuck a couple of post-its on my desk… YOu might be wondering what is it that “has to go” and what are these “backbeaters” that I’ll need to “welcome home“……

B'day Message

Check this out!

Back Massagers

They had bought me 2 extremely cute back massagers in the shape of a chick and a dog… Ha, guess they are hoping I would whack my brains out.. They do look like mini clubs right? Hehe….. Kidding….. These are thoughtful gifts… Thanks guys!

Apparently, one of them felt my current back massager (the boxing glove) is going break off from the stick hence it’s time for the boxing glove “to go” and “welcome home” the chick and the dog. But since my boxing glove massager is still working fine, so now I have THREE back massagers!! Wow!

Later in the afternoon, another colleague came up to me and pass me a tiny box. Inside the box is a delicate little bracelet with silver stars stringed together… She said she’d walked past this shop and this bracelet reminded her of my ID “Orion Star”..

What happened was, we had a team building exercise some months ago and the facilitator had made us come up with a nickname and I’d call myself “Orion Star” cos “I like stars” (that’s what I’d said). So yeah, she saw this “star” bracelet and thought of “Orion Star”, how sweet!

I’d almost never wear any bracelets for the past few years cos the clunky ones tend to hit against the keyboard as I type and make a lot of noise…Damn annoying… But I would definitely wear this “star” bracelet cos it’s sleek and it frames the wrist… Cool…..

"Star" bracelet

It’s really nice when people remember your birthday, even though I may regard it as any other day. A simple gesture like a text message or email would brighten up my day…….

I love these gifts cos they are practical to me…… Thanks again! 🙂


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