No Subject…Yeah, can’t think of any…

Some joker had left an empty cannister (the kind that’s attached to a water dispenser) in the common pantry with the weirdest note, as if it’s the cannister that had written the note itself…

It says, “Please Take Me Back To My Office”… Err, how the hell would people know which “office” is that?  And you are not allowed to throw it away cos “you will be charged”… Woah…

But the biggest question is, why can’t the person who wrote this note do whatever that’s written on the note?

I wonder how many days would this empty cannister be sitting in the pantry…

Later in the afternoon, our division had organised a “Sports Day”… You can choose to play either badminton, tennis, table tennis or pool or ALL of the above… Pool is a little too sedate so I would prefer to play badminton. Used to play a lot of badminton once upon a time and I’d enjoyed it very much. 

I should try tennis someday… Had never played it before… I guess I might like it cos it allows me to whack the ball as hard as possible. Heh, I guess I have a latent violent streak but I will never hurt animals…

Table tennis is not my cup of tea cos I don’t think I am able to handle that tiny ball…

Actually, I’m not in the “mood” to play badminton today, though I did have some fun after a while cos no matter what, I like badminton and will find some enjoyment in it despite a terrible mood or whatever..

Dunno if its gotta do with my sleeping posture last night cos I’m feeling this dull headache and a slightly stiff neck and shoulders throughout the whole day. Imagine playing badminton feeling like I’m having a terrible hang-over…

Right now, my ankles had felt more sore than the rest of the legs. I think I must have put too much pressure when I jumped back and forth a little too much this time round (We had our first “Sports Day” a month ago).

Alrighty… feeling extremely drowsy now…. Can feel my eyes shutting…..Till then, nite nite….

Have a great weekend!


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