Welcome to Manila- 1st Night

I’d finally reached Manila at 9pm last night.

Did I mention I hate plane rides? Thankfully, there wasn’t much turbulence on the way. I heard weather had been very bad in Manila last week cos of a typhoon so it was raining very heavily last week….Luckily, the skies were quite clear last night. I am terrified of the shaky feeling caused by turbulence. Makes my heart sinks….Whenever that happens, I will clutched on to the hand rests of my seat and freeze. I am amazed by some folks who can stroll along the aisle as if they’re taking a relaxed walk in a park, though they’ll be asked to return to their seats.

Manila airport is nothing fancy. At least its reasonably clean. Luckily the toilets are clean too, not the wet and stinky kinds like some other airports I’d been to, which I shall not comment.

At Immigration…..

There are 7 counters for Filipinos and only 3 counters for foreign visitors. As you can see, the “Filipino” counters are very short….

While the “Foreign Visitors” counter looks like a queue for free Hello Kittys at McDonalds.

The hotel is about 15-20 minutes drive away from the airport. Next to the hotel are these huge malls. One of them is called “SM” and another one is called “Glorietta”. I think there are somemore behind somewhere. I didn’t have a chance to explore cos the shops were already closed. Heard they closed around 9pm.

Glorietta Mall

As part of security checks, before each vehicle enter the hotel, there will be 2 secirity guards checking the boot and beneath the vehicle. I don’t know if they really check throughly.

Then I saw this cute Labrador. He’s called “Mica” and is the “sniffing dog”. He’s trained to sniff all bags. If the dog barks, it means there’s something not right (a bomb?) in your luggage. If he faints, it has to be your stinky clothes…. :p

Mica looking bored..


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