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One Full Loop- East Coast Beach, Coastal Road, Changi Beach and Loyang

Today I’d accomplished my longest cycling distance- 30.45km!! Although my joints are little achy now but it’s worth it and I’d felt like I’d climbed Mount Everest. Haha.. Ok, that’s a million billion times way off in comparison but you know what … Continue reading

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After the 7th Lunar Month…

It had poured the night before so the air feels crisp and cool, and the grass looks greener this morning. While waiting for the elevator, I noticed 2 cleaners busy clearing the tons of offerings placed on the ground to “appease” the “brothers … Continue reading

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The Market Grill (208 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068642)

Tucked along the Telok Ayer Street (just next to the Amoy Street Food Centre) amidst the throngs of Korean restaurants, and small cafes and pubs, is a charming little diner called “The Market Grill”. From the outside, the decor of the restaurant reminds me of … Continue reading

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Dark chocolate

My colleague gave me this pack of Godiva dark chocolate almonds as a farewell gift just before she left for further studies. She will be back after a year but not sure where she would be posted to within the organisation. … Continue reading

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Under the Sea at the Maldives

Yay!! Our snorkeling pictures from the Maldives are ready!! Considering that these pictures were taken with disposable underwater cameras (“Fujifilm Quick Snap Waterproof”), I’m pleasantly surprised that most of the pictures turned out quite ok. Not super sharp but decent … Continue reading

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Post-Vacation Blues :(

And I am not even at the office yet!!! Think that would be worse… Oh, that’s tomorrow… Aarrggh.. I don’t wanna think about it… Right after I had reached home, the vacation clothes go straight into the laundry. Gosh, I … Continue reading

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Walking on sunshine and dipping in the aqua-blue sea of Maldives!

After 2 months of anticipation, my vacation to the Maldives is finally here!! It’s timely that my friend, Ginny, (we used to be colleagues) from the US plans to visit the Maldives after her business trip in India, and had asked … Continue reading

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