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Dark chocolate

My colleague gave me this pack of Godiva dark chocolate almonds as a farewell gift just before she left for further studies. She will be back after a year but not sure where she would be posted to within the organisation. … Continue reading

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Under the Sea at the Maldives

Yay!! Our snorkeling pictures from the Maldives are ready!! Considering that these pictures were taken with disposable underwater cameras (“Fujifilm Quick Snap Waterproof”), I’m pleasantly surprised that most of the pictures turned out quite ok. Not super sharp but decent … Continue reading

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Post-Vacation Blues :(

And I am not even at the office yet!!! Think that would be worse… Oh, that’s tomorrow… Aarrggh.. I don’t wanna think about it… Right after I had reached home, the vacation clothes go straight into the laundry. Gosh, I … Continue reading

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Walking on sunshine and dipping in the aqua-blue sea of Maldives!

After 2 months of anticipation, my vacation to the Maldives is finally here!! It’s timely that my friend, Ginny, (we used to be colleagues) from the US plans to visit the Maldives after her business trip in India, and had asked … Continue reading

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This is what happen when you watch “Criminal Minds” before bedtime…

That is what my colleagues said to me when I told them about this awful nightmare last night which had disturbed me much… “Aiyo, you must have watched “Criminal Minds” just before bed right?” Given how sick most of the … Continue reading

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Ice-cream + Flour = Ice-cream Bread

I wanted to bake something today. A chocolate tart sounds tempting. Would love a luscious chocolate nutella ganache contained within a rich buttery tart shell. That’s quite some work for a weekday night. Let’s try something simple. Like really easy. Then my friend … Continue reading

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Weekend Brunch at Picotin Express (1 Figaro Street)

A late night of drinks and chats so slept late and woke up late just past noon today. The multi-vitamin pill, which I always take after a number of drinks just before bed, always help to keep that stoned feeling … Continue reading

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Random ramblings…

Haven’t done this for a while… Think I have a couple of old posts where I would just ramble on as a form of de-stress. Today is one of those days which I shall do that. Need to expand my … Continue reading

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Phone upgrade: Samsung Galaxy S5

Had mentioned in the last post that, while waiting for our turn at “Pince & Pints”, I had renewed my mobile contract and changed my mobile phone. Wow, it seems like yesterday when I had switched from the iPhone to a Samsung. 21 … Continue reading

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Mad over Lobsters at Pince and Pints

When I first read about the newly opened “Pince & Pints” (32-33 Duxton Road) in somebody’s blog recently, I’d immediately thought about “Burger & Lobster” in London. For those who had eaten at “B&L” before would see the strong resemblance in the way, down to … Continue reading

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