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Random ramblings…

Haven’t done this for a while… Think I have a couple of old posts where I would just ramble on as a form of de-stress. Today is one of those days which I shall do that. Need to expand my … Continue reading

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Phone upgrade: Samsung Galaxy S5

Had mentioned in the last post that, while waiting for our turn at “Pince & Pints”, I had renewed my mobile contract and changed my mobile phone. Wow, it seems like yesterday when I had switched from the iPhone to a Samsung. 21 … Continue reading

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Mad over Lobsters at Pince and Pints

When I first read about the newly opened “Pince & Pints” (32-33 Duxton Road) in somebody’s blog recently, I’d immediately thought about “Burger & Lobster” in London. For those who had eaten at “B&L” before would see the strong resemblance in the way, down to … Continue reading

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That look familiar!

Was strolling in Meidi-Ya supermarket and trying to resist the temptation of stocking up more yummy but often pricey Japanese snacks than what I have in my basket. As I was walking along the aisle of toiletries, something made me … Continue reading

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How old is your skin?

At xinmsn, one of the advertisements featured during the break intervals of the Channel 5 show “The Noose”, would be the SK-II “Magic Ring Test”. The model in the advert had quipped, “Last year, I had turned 25. This year, I am … Continue reading

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Pork and Mushroom Quesadillas with Spinach Salad in Sesame Dressing

When I crave for Mexican food, the quickest way to satisfy that craving when I am at home and feeling too lazy to step out of the house, is to make some nachos. Real easy cos you just need to heat … Continue reading

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Chill-out Friday

Age must have caught up with me. I am not that old, unless it is in relation to the average age of my colleagues in the division, but my energy level is probably worse than some senior citizens. After being out for just … Continue reading

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Some people are just weird…

So we had tried the “Ultimate Crab Feast” at Park Royal yesterday. The buffet is pretty good. We were impressed by the variety of dishes and the different preparation styles of the crabs. Let’s see, there are salted egg yolk, … Continue reading

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Tour de East Coast Park to Marina and back

Last night, I had expanded beyond usual “comfort zone” of the Simei, Bedok and Tampines park connectors (PCNs) to the Marina Bay area. Some colleagues were talking about night cycling after work from East Coast Park (ECP) to the Marina Bay (MB) area which got me very excited … Continue reading

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Sleepy Zac

My dearest old hot dog sleeps A LOT as the days go by. At 15+ years old (equivalent to around 105 dog years… woah…), sleep takes up a major portion of his time each day. If he isn’t in dreamland, he would … Continue reading

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